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Marc Degrace

Marc De Grace was born in 1958 At Middleton Nova Scotia, Canada. He spent the majority of his young life in Southern Ontario and eventually migrated west to Edmonton Alberta.

“I never intended to pursue an art career. It was something I was keen on in grade school, but had lost interest by the time I arrived at high school”. His passion for art and nature returned to him in his early thirties when, while recovering from an injury, he took out the acrylic paints that his parents had sent him. He found the medium allowed him to create in a realistic manner. Marc began studying art history and concepts on his own. He creates from fact, but uses a collage of information to achieve spectacular images. “I invest a lot of time in the science and mathematics of the subject(s) and it’s world. Once that investment is made, I get to work on dimensional concepts. The separation of spaces, atmosphere and how they relate to each other”.

Marc found time over the years to create numerous paintings. A great number of his works were dedicated to conservation efforts. These conservation efforts created a following and provided him with commissioned work. At age 60 Marc has decided to put a full time effort into his creations.

Marc uses his drawings to work out the details in his designs. They are often so meticulous that they stand alone as fine art.

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